My name is Bennett Murphy and I am a wedding and elopement photographer based out Manitoba, British Columbia AND Prince Edward Island. I have family in all 3 provinces so I book work in each province (LITTLE SECRET... I do NOT charge travel)! I'm obsessed with the prairies, the ocean and the mountains. I absolutely LOVE to travel and am available for work all over the world!

Guess what? I, too, am ENGAGED (you can peep at my cute as heck fiancé in some of the photos up top)! As a photographer who has worked in the wedding industry for over 6 years, it's truly surreal being on the "other side" of the wedding planning process... I'm officially a bride myself! So I can now fully empathize with all you couples planning and creating your dream wedding or elopement! I love hearing your wedding planning journey and am happy to help along the way with vendor recommendations, etc! Dress shopping stories, I want to hear ALL the details and see ALL the pictures! ❤

Ever since a very young age, my mind, my heart and my focus has been equally divided between my three loves of photographyhorses and dance. Soon after graduating high school, I asked myself what my passions were... and how would I turn those passions into ways of supporting myself and my future family. How was I going to build a life doing the things I love? Naturally, my options to choose from were the following;

A) Start a photography business focusing on capturing LOVE stories and life's most beautiful moments.

B) Start an equestrian business in running lesson programs, training horses and organizing horse shows & other events.

C) Join a Latin dance company and train to be an internationally competitive salsa and bachata dancer.

Which did I choose? All of the above! Yes, that's right, I love staying very busy!

Every day I spend my time doing the things that I am passionate about. Capturing other people's passions and providing lasting visual memories of moments in people's lives is something I find immense joy in. No matter what the occasion, I would absolutely love to step behind the camera and capture your life's most special moments. ❤