My name is Bennett Murphy and I am a lifestyle and wedding photographer based out in the prairies, in the mountains and on the west coast of Canada (British Columbia, Alberta & Manitoba, Saskatchewan). I absolutely LOVE to travel and am available for work all over the world.

Ever since a very young age, my mind, my heart and my focus has been equally divided between my three loves of photographyhorses and dance. Soon after graduating high school, I asked myself what my passions were... and how would I turn those passions into ways of supporting myself and my future family. How was I going to build a life doing the things I love? Naturally, my options to choose from were the following;

A) Start a photography business.

B) Start an equestrian business in running lesson programs, training horses and organizing horse shows & other events.

C) Join a Latin dance company and train to be an internationally competitive salsa and bachata dancer.

Which did I choose? All of the above! Yes, that's right, I love staying very busy!

Every day I spend my time doing the things that I am passionate about. Capturing other people's passions and providing lasting visual memories of moments in people's lives is something I find immense joy in. No matter what the occasion, I would absolutely love to step behind the camera and capture your life's most special moments... ❤