What is "anti-bridal"?

The latest fad in the wedding industry... THE ANTI-BRIDE. An anti-bride is someone who wants to do their wedding, their way. Someone who doesn't necessarily align or jive with the standard traditions and conventions of the classic wedding day. The couple who wishes to stray from the wedding norms by designing their day as uniquely to them as possible.

You may be anti-bridal if you...

+ You want to substitute the classic wedding ring with a wedding TATTOO.

+ Your ideal wedding day is getting hitched at a carnival, eating cotton candy instead of cutting cake, riding on roller coasters with your closest friends & family, and taking photos at the top of a ferris wheel.

+ Your dress in UNIQUEEEE as heck and out of the box! It might be a different colour other than white, it might be adorably short or helllaaaa long & poofy, it might not even be a dress at all (think pant suit or jumpsuit vibes).

+ Your accessories make a statement... feathers, fringe, big bows, blinged out sunnies, platform heels, SNEAKERS, thrifted vintage purses, or anything else your heart desires!

The anti-bridal title means some thing different to every individual. What does it mean to you? ;)